Take2 Middle School

The Take2 Middle School provides kids between the ages of 11-14 the opportunity to interact with a small group of peers to develop social learning and problem solving skills, flexibility and new friendships. This fun and engaging camp sets up campers for success by planning for and working through group projects and outings in the DC-metro area, where campers become comfortable applying and generalizing new skills.

Dates and Fees:

The dates for Summer 2019 are July 1 - July 26, off July 4th and 5th. Children are required to attend all four weeks of camp. Tuition is $3500. We have a generous scholarship program and accept campers regardless of the family's ability to pay in whole or part.

Size of Program:

We will be enrolling up to 10 children.

Admissions Timeline:

    • Take2 Middle School is accepting applications for Summer 2019.

    We have a rolling admissions policy and fill most slots at the time of the first meet & greet.

    The meet and greet is a low key, small group event where we get to know the children and they get to ask questions about camp. Take2's admissions committee will make a decision about the match; priority is based on application date as well as the candidates fit/match with the group. The meet and greet will occur prior to the beginning of camp.

    Take2 Summer Camp will notify parents about admission decisions.

    To Apply:

    Please visit the Apply page for more details about the application process.

    Weekly Goals:

    Week 1   Flexibility
    Week 2   Listening
    Week 3   Communication
    Week 4   Code-Switching

    Daily Schedule:

    Take2 Middle School camp will follow a schedule that includes:

    9:00AM - 2:00PM
    • Arrival/Hang Out
    • Instruction & Excursion Planning
    • Lunch
    • Excursion
    • Video Analysis
    • Group Activity
    • Dismissal

    Excursions will take place Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week. One of the three excursions each week will be lunch-related (all components of excursions will be covered by camp tuition).